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Unfortunately, due to the everchanging pandemic situation, and the potential of a second wave, any new client enquiries will only be considered for zoom/skype or phone counselling. I am constantly assessing the current situation, checking the Government, the BACP and my insurers guidelines and I will update my policies and procedures accordingly.

Counselling is a talking therapy which should provide a safe, supportive, non judgmental and confidential space, in which we can explore how we are feeling.


There can be many reasons that we feel we need to talk to someone and feel heard.  Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope.  You may need to talk about feelings of anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, the loss of a loved one or perhaps you are struggling with experiences from the past.  

Counselling can help explore and release difficult feelings and through this exploration change can occur, whether that be in the here and now or helping to find peace in the past.

When you feel ready for someone to listen and walk alongside you, I can offer an initial assessment.  This time can help us to see how we might work and to discuss important issues, such as confidentiality. You can then go away and think about whether you would like to work together, this is the start of your journey. 

will always respect and honour the trust you place in me.  

Sessions are usually weekly and are 50 minutes in length. How many sessions you need is something we can discuss.  Some counselling is short term and more solution focused and other times it is more long term and can be reviewed as we go.